About DS Gunasekera Solar Energy - Solar Power - Sri Lanka


D.S. Gunasekara Solar energy is a sister company of D.S. Gunasekara group of companies found in 1951. D.S. Gunasekara Solar energy has incorporated as a private limited company, under the No. 07 of 2007 companies act. We initially focus on innovative solar solutions for homes, companies and other premises.

We registered with Sustainable Energy Authority

From humble beginnings, we developed quickly into a company with a reputation for cutting-edge residential, industrial and commercial scale installation island wide.

About DS Gunasekera Solar Energy - Solar Power - Sri Lanka About DS Gunasekera Solar Energy - Solar Power - Sri Lanka

Solar is the world's most abundant and clean energy source that offers a tangible means for meeting electricity demands globally

Our main ambition is to introduce solar panels as a clean and reliable source of energy to Sri Lanka by providing high quality and effi cient solar inverters and solar water heaters which are manufactured using the advanced technology used in Europe.

We aim to offer cost effective products and energy effi cient electrical devices and equipment that has a much lower power consumption, whilst to contribute towards the sustainable energy policies of the Sri Lankan Government.

The primary benefits of solar power includes Net Metering, Net Accounting and Net Plus which will be explained in detailed in the following pages.

About DS Gunasekera Solar Energy - Solar Power - Sri Lanka

Our solar arrays integrate the best-in-class technologies and are developed by experienced professionals that deliver projects on time and within budget for long-term reliability.

Our Vision

We strive to power the future with solar energy through innovative technology.

Our Mission

D.S. Gunasekara is dedicated to helping Sri Lankan residents generate clean and sustainable solar based electricity whilst maximizing their return on investment through the design, development and optimization of innovative solar systems. We strive to make solar energy a recognized and affordable energy solution by working with individuals, communities and businesses to develop regional-scale solar hubs that supply sustainable energy to meet domestic and industrial use, reduce greenhouse gases, and create a health environment for future generations.

Our Goals

To Introduce & Provide

The best performing and cost effective solar systems

To Provide

A high quality installation service to meet or exceed our customers' expectations

To Priorities

The safety & welfare of staff, clients and customers

To Continue

Our ongoing research into renewable energy generation

To Be

A Leader at the technical forefront of the solar industry

To Stop or Minimize

Importing for fuels for electricity