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K- Star Inverter

This inverter is manufactured by Kstar New Energy Co; which is experienced in development of photovoltaic grid-connected generating sets. We hope this product can meet your demands and welcome you to put forward more suggestions on performance and functions of this product.

The photovoltaic grid-connected generating system is composed of a solar cell module, grid-connected inverter, metering devices and power distribution system. The solar energy is converted to DC electric power through the solar cell module, which is converted to sine-wave current synchronous with grid frequency and phase via the grid-connected inverter. Such electric power is then fed into the power grid. The photovoltaic grid connected inverter is the key equipment in solar power system.


Max PV Voltage up to 1000V
Double MPPT
High efficiency up to 98.0%

Smaller and Lighter
IP65 protection
Easy installation

Reactivate power controller
Digital controller

KSG-DM Series Technical Specifications

Model Specifications KSG-10K KSG-12K KSG-15K KSG-17K KSG-20K
Input (DC)
Max. DC Power 11.5KW 13.5KW 16.5KW 18.5KW 22.5KW
Max. DC Voltage 1000Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range 250-950Vdc
Full Load Voltage Range 480-800Vdc
Normal DC Voltage 620Vdc
Min. / Start DC Voltage 200 / 250Vdc
Number of MPP Trackers 2
Strings Per MPP Tracker 1 2
Max. Input Current Per MPP Tracker 13A / 13A 21A / 21A
Output (AC)
Normal AC Output Power 10KW 12KW 15KW 17KW 20KW
Max. AC Output Power 11KW 13KW 16KW 18KW 22KW
Normal AC Voltage 400Vac
AC Voltage Range 400Vac±20%
Normal AC Grid Frequency 50/60Hz 50 / 60Hz
AC Grid Frequency Range ±5Hz
Max. Output Current 17A 20A 24A 27A 32A
Phase Shift (cos φ) 0.8 leading - 0.8 laging
THDI <3%
AC Connection 3W+N+PE/3W+PE
Topology Transformer Less
Max. Efficiency 98.0%
Euro-eta 97.5%
Protection Devices
All-pole Fault Current Monitoring Unit Yes
Ground Fault Monitoring Yes
Mechanism Data
Dimensions (W / L / D) in mm 553 / 715 / 228
Weight 35Kg 39Kg
Environment Data
Operating Temperature Range –25oC +60oC
Noise Emission (Typical) ≤40dB
Cooling Concept Convection
Protection Rating IP65
LCD Display Yes
Interfaces RS485